Learn To Love Email Podcast

Welcome to the Learn To Love Email Podcast. A podcast that shines a light on both entrepreneurship + email marketing. Each week I'll be interviewing entrepreneurs of all different industries and success levels to learn more about their journey towards entrepreneurship and understand what role email marketing played in the success of their business. My goal is to show entrepreneurs that email marketing is not as intimidating as they think it is (it's fun!) and give them the tools and knowledge that they need to start incorporating it into their businesses.

Want to be a guest on the Learn To Love Email Podcast?

If you're an entrepreneur that has seen first hand the impact that email marketing can have on the success of your business then I'd LOVE to have you on the show. During these interviews, I want to pull back the curtains on what email marketing looks like in YOUR business and share all of the juicy details with my listeners, like:

  • How did you go about getting your very first subscribers?
  • What's the #1 way you're getting your subscribers today?
  • What email software program are you using and why?
  • How big is your list and how does it convert? 
  • What types of stuff do you email your subscriber list?
  • What types of emails work really well for you? What one's have completely tanked?
  • What types of automation programs are you running and why?
  • What types of email marketing mistakes have you made and how did you deal with them?

If these questions sound like ones you're dying to dig into together then you'd be a perfect fit for my show. To apply to be a guest on the Learn To Love Email Podcast, please fill out the form below. I'll respond to your application within 3-4 business days either way. Talk soon xo.

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