How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email

In my last blog post Start Small. But most importantly, start. I shared 4 easy steps that every small business owner can take to start leveraging the power of email to grow their business. And one of those addressed the importance of:

The Welcome Email.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned business owner welcoming your new subscribers is SO important. But believe it or not, so many business owners fail to do this or fail to do this properly.

The perfect Welcome Email must do 3 very important things:

  1. Show gratefulness
  2. Show respect
  3. Set expectations

Today I signed up for Mare Forleo’s newsletter and boy was I delighted to see what landed in my inbox when I did. Her Welcome Email literally addressed each and every point listed above, in an insanely amazing way. So I wanted to use this as an opportunity to:

  1. Recognize what a god damned bad ass Marie Forleo is.
  2. Share her Welcome Email with you and shed some light on how she so beautifully addressed each of the 3 points above.
  3. Inspire you to apply these tips to your current Welcome Email or, if you don't already have one, use them to craft a beautiful Welcome Email of your own.

To get us both on the same page, here's the email I received from Marie. Make sure to read through the entire thing before continuing on with this post because I'm about to dissect the shit out of this email and I want you to keep up. 

Here we go.


Tip #1 - Show Gratefulness

Tell your subscribers how thankful you are for them signing up to your newsletter and placing an interest in your brand.

You’ll notice that this is the VERY FIRST THING Marie addresses in her Welcome Email. In the very first sentence she writes:

“Thank you SO very much for subscribing and becoming an MF subscriber."

Her thanks is short, sweet and genuine. I love the way that she’s written this first line, with the "SO" being capitalized, it almost looks like something you’d actually text to a friend or something. And whether she meant to do this or not, I like that she even reminds you of the action you just took (subscribing to her newsletter), that way this email doesn’t catch you by surprise.

Ah, who knew there good be so much awesome in one small sentence.


Tip #2 - Show Respect

Tell your subscribers that you respect their very special inbox and will only send them things of true value.

A persons inbox is a very special place. Most are extremely choosy when it comes to who they let inside and who they don’t. So when you get a new subscriber, recognize that they see enough value in what you have to offer that they’ve welcomed you inside their inbox. Don't take this for granted because this is huge. Marie does a great job of acknowledging this in the third sentence of her Welcome Email where she writes: 

"I know you get tons of emails and your time is extremely valuable. That's why you'll only hear from me when..."

By acknowledging in her email that she understands her subscribers get tons of emails and that their time is valuable, her promise to only send them things of true value leaves her readers feeling understood and appreciated. At least that's how I felt after reading this.


Tip #3 - Set Expectations

Let your subscribers know what to expect now that they've signed up for your newsletter.

And what do ya know? Marie, being the badass that she is, addresses this third and final point right in the first few sentences of her Welcome Email where she writes: 

"Actionable wisdom, inspiration, and some pretty darn entertaining videos will magically appear in your inbox each Tuesday, courtesy of our award-winning show MarieTV."
"That's why you'll only hear from me when we release a new episode, send our once-a-month insider update, or we've got something super timely to share."

After reading the first few sentences of Marie's Welcome Email, I know exactly what types of content I'll receive from her, how it will help me and how often I can expect it. She leaves me with no further questions. Brilliant. 


Not only does Marie do a great job of addressing the 3 essential components of a killer Welcome Email, she doesn't stop there. Here are a few more things that I LOVE about her Welcome Email:

  1. Would you just look at that subject line? Nothing will catch your eye more than an email from Marie Forleo telling you that "You're Amazing".
  2. The email feels friendly and personal. It feels like it has come from a real HUMAN being, and not a robot.
  3. She gives me free content that I can download and benefit from right away. 
  4. She encourages me to reply to her email and engage with her directly. 
  5. She tells me where else I can find her online and engage with her content. This is a great example of how you can use one of your channels to promote the others.

Alright, now it’s your turn.

Try incorporating these 3 essential components of a Welcome Email into your very own. I also encourage you to view some of the Welcome Emails you receive in your inbox from a more critical lens and see how they've addressed each of these items themselves. I'd love to see how you've applied this post to your own Welcome Email so please feel free to share them with me at

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Bye for now!