#3in30 Consultation Call with Emily Thompson of the Being Boss podcast

Last week I was lucky enough to land a free 30 minute consultation call with Emily Thompson, co-host of the Being Boss podcast. Every month Emily sends out an email to her list giving her subscribers an opportunity to be one of the first 3 to click a link in the email to book a free 30 minute consultation call wither. After trying and failing for the past 3 months straight, I was finally successful this month!

The way the call works is you first give Emily a quick bio about yourself and then you ask her 3 different questions, rapid fire style. From there, she dives into each question and gives you lots of great advice. I found the call with Emily so helpful that I couldn't help but share it with you all. We talked automation, how to prioritize your efforts with your side hustle, the importance of growing an email list and how to really get to know who your audience is.

Watch the video below to hear the 3 questions I asked Emily as well as all of the great advice she gave back. I hope there are some little nuggets in here that you find just as helpful as I did.