Episode #10 - Email Marketing 101: List Building, Pop Ups, Content Ideas, Tools & More

This week on the Learn To Love Email podcast I'm chatting with Martine Ellis. Martine Ellis is a consultant, writer, blogger and podcaster and she helps makers, artists and other creative entrepreneurs turn their passion into profit.

Here's what we discussed on todays episode:

  • How she turned her creative hobby into a business
  • Why she decided to shift her business model to create a profitable online business
  • How to take advantage of part-time work to help fund your business
  • Why you should start collecting email addresses from your audience from day one
  • How to use content upgrades to grow your email list
  • How to get the most visibility for your content upgrades once you've created them
  • How Martine uses an exit intent pop-up to collect email addresses from her website visitors before they leave her website
  • How Martine determined what cadence to email her newsletter at and what to send her newsletter list

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