Episode #4: 7 Ways to Nurture Subscribers from Your Content Upgrades with Hayley Richardson

Hayley Richardson and I had a fantastic chat about how she became a coach, creating a valuable opt-in incentive, and getting clear on email strategy on the Learn to Love Email podcast. In addition to being an Aussie living in London, Hayley is a health blogger, coach and wellness photographer. Her experience in life and business has given her great insight!

Have you ever thought of becoming a coach? Hayley has this really cool story of transitioning from her personal experience of researching health to coaching other people with similar health needs. Taking what you learn from your own experiences and turning it into business is so interesting. It’s definitely been on my mind.

If coaching has been on your mind too, you might want to start a blog or at least do something to establish yourself as an expert if blogging isn’t your thing. Starting a business is like a massive puzzle and you have to find the right avenue for you. Documenting your journey, however you decide to do it, is an incredible way of getting started in coaching. Hayley’s health blog was a major part of what helped her launch her new business.

And of course, an email list is central to growing any kind of new business. In fact, it is the core of Hayley’s business. She started her list at the very beginning and built relationships from the start!

7 Ways to Nurture Subscribers from Your Content Upgrades

1. Create Specific Content Upgrades

Opt-ins and content upgrades are clearly the key to growing your email list today. If you’re already putting all that content out in the world, why not save a little bit and create a content upgrade? Using the same general content upgrade won’t benefit you as much as a super specific topic related to what you’re already talking about. Unrelated content upgrades look more like ads! Add extra value with a content upgrade that’s like an additional resource. Your audience will be way more likely to give you their email.  

2. Focus on One Call-to-Action and One Call-to-Action Only

When you create landing pages for your opt-ins and content upgrades, make it clear to your audience what one action you want them to take. In Hayley’s business, this starts by driving traffic to her website and when they get there, they see her best health hashtags on a landing page. Her opt-in is the only feature here, and her audience is asked to do one thing. Your opt-in or content upgrade may be amazing, but it could be getting lost amid all your other asks.

3. Deliver Upgrades with the Thank You

Coordinating the delivery of your content upgrades requires some technology. In Mailchimp, once a subscriber confirms their email, there’s a thank you page where you can deliver your download. That way, you don’t have to deal with setting up a complicated delivery system. Plus, your content upgrade won’t get sent to spam. It’s a win-win!

4. Take Advantage of Zapier

Creating groups is another challenging tech aspect of the email list. Instead of figuring this out, you can set up a different list for every content upgrade. Hayley does this and then uses Zapier to transfer email information from content upgrade lists to her main list.

5. Don’t Take Unsubscribes Personally

As you expand your content upgrades and interact with your email list, you’ll inevitably experience the pain of an unsubscribe. You can’t take it personally when people unsubscribe. They have their own reasons for why it’s time for them to unsubscribe. They may want a clean inbox. They may be making a transition. You never know. If you really focus on building relationships and caring about the people on your email list, they’re going to care back. Those audience relationships are the most important.

6. Create an Automated Nurture Sequence

Woohoo! Someone signed up for your content upgrade! But what’s next? It’s time to create an automated nurture sequence to welcome your new subscribers. Hayley uses a welcome sequence of five emails. This includes a welcome email, and four other emails with links to blog content, what services she does, and paid products. With a nurture sequence, you establish a relationship from the outset.

7. Send Only What’s Useful To Your Audience

A lot of times, people just see that they need to be building a list and then they don’t send them anything. Sometimes you get busy and you can’t keep up with weekly emails. It’s so much better to go silent than send something that’s not useful. Sit down before you start writing and think, “What is the purpose of this email?” This is way better than random emails! We may feel the need to email our list on a regular basis, but value is the most important. Deliver everything with a clear intention behind it.


Hear more of what Hayley’s own email marketing strategy is and learn more about her unique health focused business on the Learn to Love Email Podcast.


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