Episode #8 - When Content Marketing Meets Email Marketing

On today's episode I'm chatting with Roniece Wright, the Content Marketing Strategist and blogger behind The Introcreative (formally www.bossladyblogger.com), where she teaches creative entrepreneurs how to ideate, create, and market powerful content. She has had the pleasure of working with bloggers, writers, enthusiasts, and numerous other creative businesses. Roniece is also a two-time, self-published author and poet. She prides herself on having the fact that she's an introvert be a huge part of her entrepreneurial personality and inspiring other introverted entrepreneurs to come out from behind the computer. She feels that email marketing is important because email is where all huge opportunities arise. The importance of knowing how to professionally market yourself through email can increase connections with your audience, opportunities with brands, and overall monetization.

Here's what we discussed on todays episode:

  • The power of Facebook groups and how Roniece has used her Facebook group to build her business

  • The 3 stages of content marketing and what goes into each stage

  • Why every single piece of content, and email for that matter, should have a goal

  • The importance of recycling your blog content and bringing older posts back to life

  • Why your email list is your most reliable asset to your business

  • The importance of learning what your audience wants from your emails and not just guessing

  • How Roniece uses ConvertKit to power her email marketing

  • The difference between hard selling and soft selling when it comes to email marketing

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