Episode #9: How to Use Your Email Analytics to Shape Your Content Strategy with Erin Baynham

This week on the Learn To Love Email podcast I'm chatting with Erin Baynham, a media kit strategist and social media manager from Baltimore, MD. She’s the host of the Upgrade Your Influence podcast, an audio show that focuses on goal setting, branding and social media strategy for bloggers, content creators and digital influencers. She’s also the editor of the Upgrade Your Influence Power Letters, a biweekly email resource list that shares links from around the web to help build your brand. Erin loves email marketing because she feels it’s the most authentic and efficient way to communicate with your tribe.

Here's what we discussed on todays episode:

  • Erin's journey from being a beauty blogger to now a Social Media Manager, Media Kit Strategist and Podcaster

  • How she manages her side hustle alongside her full-time job

  • What a media kit is, how to create one and how they can help build your brand

  • How Erin incorporated e-courses into her business model to create multiple streams of revenue

  • How she used her email analytics to inspire her content creation for her podcast

  • How to use your welcome email to identify who your audience is right from day one

  • Why she switched from using MailChimp to ConvertKit

  • Erin's biggest email marketing mistake and how she dealt with it

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