Episode #7: How to Build Your Email List with Elna Cain

On today's episode I'm chatting with Elna Cain, a professional digital marketing writer and stay at home mom to twins. Elna recently started a new blog called Twins Mommy where she helps moms become successful Mompreneurs. In less than a year Elna has grown her blog to 25k page views and has over 2k email subscribers. Elna truly believes that by having a list of email subscribers she'll be able to reach her monetary goals when she launches her product this year. Elna and I dive into all sorts of list building goodness. 

Here's what we discussed on todays episode:

  • Entrepreneurship:
    • How Elna started off her entrepreneurial journey as a freelance for digital marketing websites and then used those digital marketing strategies to start her own business in the mommy blogger space

    • How she balances life as a mom to twins, a freelancer writer and online entrepreneur

  • Email Marketing:

    • How she used content upgrades and a free email course to build her email list

    • Why it's so important to build an email list, even when you don't have anything to sell

    • How email marketing helped Elna discover who her audience was and what type of content they wanted from her

    • The impact that a Free Resource Library can have on growing your email list

    • Why you should consider collaborations as a way to build your email list

    • How she gained 300 new subscribers from one webinar on Pinterest

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